Artist: Bernadette Jiyong Frank

Copyright 2010 Bernadette Jiyong Frank Copyright 2010 Bernadette Jiyong Frank Copyright 2010 Bernadette Jiyong Frank

Artist Statement

Experimentation with colors and optical effect of meditative space is the predominant theme in Frank’s work. Stripes provide a platform to explore color relationship, light, space and harmony. Frank’s use of contrast and vibration in colors generate visual and emotional tension while formal elements in the composition bring the inner sense of order. Alternating colors make the stripes vibrate and pulsate, shifting from the foreground to the background. Forms and colors resist every attempt to fixate the spectator’s eyes. What seems apparent to viewer is the contradiction between the physical fact and the psychological effect. In Frank’s final composition, viewer is confronted to redefine his visual perception.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Frank studied illustration at Otis Art Institution of Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles. After working in a marketing and design profession for the past 15 years, she has decided to shift her focus back on art four years ago. Her works have been showcased in galleries in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been selected for several juried shows including the critically acclaimed New Visions at Pro Arts Gallery in Oakland, and an international juried art publication Studio Visit by The Open Studios Press. Frank lives and works in San Francisco.

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Bernadette Jiyong Frank